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CUA Law Professor Mary Leary was quoted in a February 5, 2019 Boston Pilot article entitled "Summit, lawyers discuss what's needed to solve church's abuse crisis."

Summit, lawyers discuss what's needed to solve church's abuse crisis

From: The Boston Pilot
By: Kurt Jensen
Date: February 5, 2019

Permanent solutions to the church's sexual abuse crisis are going to require a greater level of lay participation and more legal muscle.

These were conclusions discussed at two events in Washington: a lawyers' panel at the Catholic Information Center, sponsored by the Thomas More Society Jan. 31, and a media conference Feb. 2 following the Leadership Roundtable's Catholic Partnership Summit Feb. 1-2.

The summit, which included three cardinals, university and college presidents and canon lawyers representing 43 dioceses, is expected to issue a document with recommendations in a couple of weeks.

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Mary Leary, a law professor at The Catholic University of America's Columbus School of Law, called for an "independent, outside, top to bottom review, not reporting to the hierarchy" but to the public. "Genuine healing requires accountability."

Leary recommended an investigative structure "more like an inspector general model independent of the hierarchy" rather than lay attorneys general.

"Abuse is not an American problem. It's a Catholic problem," she said. "There is anti-Catholic bias in the press, but not about this. This is not a problem of homosexual priests."

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