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CUA Law Professor Sarah Duggin was quoted in a January 22, 2019 Politifact article entitled "Yes, Kamala Harris is eligible to run for president"

Yes, Kamala Harris is eligible to run for president

From: Politifact
Date: January 22, 2019
By: Louis Jacobson

California Sen. Kamala Harris had barely become a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination before birther accusations started on Twitter.

Harris announced her candidacy on Jan. 21. The following morning, Jacob Wohl -- a self-described Trump supporter who has been described by media outlets as a "far-right conspiracy theorist" -- questioned whether Harris was eligible to run.

He tweeted, "Kamala Harris is NOT eligible to be President. Her father arrived from Jamaica in 1961—mother from India arrived in 1960. Neither parent was a legal resident for 5 years prior to Harris’s birth, a requirement for naturalization. Kamala was raised in Canada."

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"If you are born in the U.S, you are automatically a natural-born U.S. citizen under the constitution," said Harvard Law Professor Einer Elhauge.

Sarah Duggin, a Catholic University law professor, agreed. "Her birth in the United States, to someone other than a member of a foreign diplomatic corps or otherwise not subject to U.S. jurisdiction, makes her a U.S. citizen unless she later renounced her citizenship. There is no reason to look at where her parents came from, how long her parents were U.S. residents before she was born, or where she was raised."

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