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CUA Law Student Robert McReynolds (2E) Wins The National Law Review's Student Writing Competition

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CUA Law student Robert McReynolds (2E) was selected as a winner in The National Law Review's Student Writing Competition. The NLR Law Student Writing Competition offers law students the opportunity to submit articles for publication consideration on the NLR website. McReynold’s submission is titled "Sanctuary for Federalism: Affirming the Separation of Powers Between the States and the Federal Government When Enforcing Immigration Law."

"I am extremely pleased with being selected as the winner of the Law Student Writing Contest sponsored by The National Law Review. To know that I was chosen out of a list of students that come from all over the country gives me a huge boost of confidence going forward both as a law student at CUA and as a lawyer after graduation," McReynolds said.
After graduation, McReynolds hopes to practice Antitrust law. He previously served in the U.S. Navy as a cryptologist and is now working for the Office of General Counsel for International Affairs at the Pentagon.

Paper Abstract: "The Trump administration and Congress are seeking to compel local municipalities and States to assist federal immigration enforcement officers. These jurisdictions that have refused have been dubbed "sanctuary," but in reality these jurisdictions are asserting their role in federalism. The federal government has no power to compel States to spend limited resources to enforce federal law. Some States, such as California and Connecticut, have passed state laws announcing that they will no longer assist immigration officers. These States are not breaking federal law and they have ample case law backing them up. If the federal government is serious about enforcing immigration law, then the federal government needs to devise a plan to meet those goals that does not infringe on the rights of the States."
Click here to view McReynolds' article.