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Class of 2018 Champagne Toast: Looking Towards the Future

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The Class of 2018, faculty, staff, and other law students gathered in the Law School’s atrium on April 26 to raise a collective glass and toast themselves, their Law School, their strong bonds, and their bright futures.

The annual April ceremony honors the hard work and shared experiences of students who are nearing the end of their law school experience. Speakers included Frank Russo (3L), Marcus Holguin (3L), Dean Daniel F. Attridge, and Sarah Ensenat (3L), who was chosen to speak at the toast on behalf of her classmates. Kwambina Coker (3L) was selected as the student commencement speaker. Professor Suzette M. Malveaux was also recognized for being named as Faculty Marshall for 2018, the person who will read the names of the graduating students.

Dean Attridge spoke to the outgoing class about their journey ahead and noted that as near-alumni, future students will look to them for guidance and advice. He concluded with a toast to the students in the class of 2018. "Today, of course, you are our students, but soon you will be our alumni, as you begin another chapter." 

Ensenat's speech reflected on the Class of 2018's time at CUA Law. "CUA Law is a place of comradery, hope, and support. Despite, the commonality of attending CUA Law, each of us are very different. Our class has never been defined as uniform or similar. One thing we do have in common is our support of each other," she said.

She closed her remarks offering another toast to class of 2018.

By the end of the event, half of the class of 2018 had participated in the class gift campaign.