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(From L to R: Daniel Attridge, Francis Coonelly, and John Garvey)

Sixth Annual Dean’s Dinner for Student Scholarships Draws Generous Crowd

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Initiated by the Law School’s Board of Visitors in 2013 to honor then new dean, Daniel F. Attridge, the Dean’s Dinner has become an important spring tradition at CUA Law as a means of raising scholarship donations for students. This year’s event was held at the St. Regis in Washington, D.C. where there was a reception and dinner featuring keynote remarks from Francis X. Coonelly,’86, president of the Pittsburgh Pirates. It was a record breaking event in both participation and fundraising for the Law School.

After law school, Coonelly practiced labor and employment law and became a Partner in the Washington, D.C., office of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius. A large part of Coonelly's practice consisted of representing Major League Baseball as outside labor counsel. In that role, he assisted the Commissioner in collective bargaining and other litigation, and represented several individual clubs in salary arbitration matters. In 1998, he moved in-house, serving as Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Labor in the Commissioner’s Office. 

Coonelly joined the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2007 as franchise President, and is now responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization. He leads the Pirates’ senior management team and is accountable for the organization’s success, both on and off the field. 

In his remarks, Coonelly described the influence CUA Law Professor Roger Hartley had on his career as a labor lawyer. He also recalled the mentorship he received as a young lawyer working at Morgan Lewis. 

This year’s Dean’s Dinner guests included members of the Law School’s Board of Visitors; members of the Law School’s Alumni Council; distinguished law school alumni; and a number of the dean’s family members, friends and colleagues of these individuals. In addition, select faculty members and students were sponsored to attend.

Agnes P. Dover ’81, chair of the Board of Visitors and Partner at Hogan Lovells LLP, delivered welcoming remarks. John Garvey, President of The Catholic University of America, offered the invocation. 

In his closing remarks, Dean Attridge emphasized the importance of scholarships in recruiting and thanked the donors for positively contributing to students’ futures with their gifts. Scholarships make a huge impact on their recipients, making CUA Law more affordable and accessible to students. Please click here to learn more about scholarships at CUA Law. 

The following alumni and friends contributed to the success of this event:


  • James C. Anagnos, 1996
  • Dean Daniel F. Attridge and Missy Attridge
  • The Honorable Patrick J. Attridge and Mrs. Teresa G. Attridge
  • Ambassador Charlene Barshefsky, 1975*
  • Christopher R. Bjornson,2000
  • Douglas G. Bonner III, 1983
  • John G. Carberry, 1973, and Peggy Carberry
  • Robert T. Colleran, 1969*
  • Michael F. Curtin, 1965*
  • David A. Donohoe, 1962
  • David A. Donohoe Jr., 1988*
  • Kelly L. Donovan, 1993
  • Agnes P. Dover, 1981
  • Gerard A. Dupuis, 1966*
  • Donald W. Farley, 1969, and Jo-Ann Farley
  • Richard J. Favretto, 1966*
  • Maureen D. Feinroth, 1990
  • Suellen M. Ferguson, 1977
  • Alice S. Fisher, 1992
  • Sean M. Flaim, 2012
  • Angela Fuccillo, 2016
  • Arthur N. Fuccillo, 1978, and Cill Fuccillo
  • Mary A. Gibbons, 1980
  • The Honorable L. Alan Goldsberry*
  • Lawrence P. Grassini, 1970*
  • J. Parker Griffin, 2008, and Aimee Griffin
  • Alan M. Grimaldi, 1971*
  • Karen L. Grubber, 1992
  • Francis J. Hearn Jr., 1989
  • James C. Higgins, 1966*
  • Professor John E. Higgins Jr.
  • Kathy L. John, 1979, and Kenneth E. John
  • Vincent A. Lacovara III, 1995
  • Paul T. Lamb, 1967*
  • Professor David A. Lipton*
  • Peggy A. Love, 1988
  • Robert E. Mannion, 1969*
  • Paula C. Mark, 1976*
  • Jane W. Molloy, 1965, and J. Paul Molloy, 1965
  • Morgan Lewis
  • Susan S. Newell, 1993
  • Daniel B. O’Connell, 2016
  • Susan L. O’Connell, 1983, and Edward J. O’Connell
  • Jeffrey S. Puretz, 1981
  • Bruce R. Parker, 1978
  • Lawrence R. Radanovic, 1963, and Deidre A. Radanovic
  • Mark A. Reinhardt, 1971, and Lori Reinhardt
  • Priscilla A. Schwab, 1981*
  • Richard A. Shapack, 1976
  • John M. Skenyon, 1973
  • Professor Emeritus George P. Smith II*
  • Daniel J. Vitiello, 1969*
  • Alison F. Watson, 2003*
  • Richard C. White, 1994
  • Katherine C. Whitehouse*
  • Stanley E. Woodward Jr., 2008
  • Thomas D. Yannucci, Esquire
  • Professor Emeritus Harvey L. Zuckman
* not in attendance          (as of 4/17/2018)