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CUA Law Professor Emerita Leah Wortham presented The Susan Campbell Oration: The Transformative Nature of Clinical Legal Education held at Monash University on April 16, 2018.

The Susan Campbell Oration: The Transformative Nature of Clinical Legal Education

"Clinical legal education has expanded across the globe. Moving through time and across borders, clinical legal education demonstrates its capacity to adapt to the needs of differing societies and legal systems and varying clients and problems within a country, to transform students, and to evolve and change its own methods and forms.

Beyond training new lawyers in “how to do it here,” clinical legal education can:

  • Move its participants from seeing “how things are” to “how they should and could be"
  • Build students’ personal vision of the lawyer they want to be
  • Develop future lawyers’ habits of being so that problem-solving skills and professional judgmentimprove throughout life
  • Nurture critical and creative capacities for strategic thinking and envisioning better ways to bring justice throughout a society.

Professor Wortham will draw on her work in 30 countries and almost 40 years of experience in clinicallegal education to cite examples of the transformative nature of clinical education and share her viewson how strong clinical programs are built and nurtured."

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Professor Emerita Leah Wortham's Areas of Expertise

Clinical legal education in Central Europe and the former Soviet sphere

Professional responsibility and ethics

Clinical externships

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