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CUA Law Professor Mary Leary spoke on the panel "How To Stop Human Trafficking" at Harvard Law School on March 23, 2018.

How To Stop Human Trafficking

"Human trafficking is a global form of victimization which transcends all geographical boundaries. It is also a form of objectification that strikes at core values of human dignity, protection for the vulnerable, and accountability for the exploiter. As such, it is a form of victimization that demands both a global solution and grassroots actors.

Professor Leary is a professor of law at The Catholic University of America. Professor Leary's scholarship examines the intersection of criminal law, constitutional criminal procedure, technology, and contemporary victimization. She focuses on the exploitation and abuse of women, children, and “vulnerable peoples.” She is a recognized expert in the areas of criminal law, victimization, exploitation, human trafficking, missing persons, technology, and the Fourth Amendment.





Mary G. Leary   

Professor Mary G. Leary's
Areas of Expertise

Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, and Technology

Exploitation of children and women

Human Trafficking

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