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Office of Career and Professional Development Hosts Careers in the Law: Religious Liberty

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On February 20, 2018, the CUA Law Office of Career and Professional Development, led by Director Tonya Gaskins, hosted a “Careers in the Law Series Panel” on Religious Liberty opportunities. Gaskins introduced speaker Mark Rienzi, Senior Counsel at Becket Law and CUA Law Professor.

During his discussion, Rienzi urged students to take advantage of the Washington, D.C., location and the vast networking opportunities. “Washington, D.C., is a great legal community, particularly for religious liberty issues, ” he said. “As a student, you are three metro stops away from the Supreme Court. You are close to important federal agencies, Congress, the executive branch, and many private law firms.”

Rienzi told students that their first job out of law school doesn’t have to necessarily be in the religious liberty field to make an impact. “It is important to get really great legal training…you can make a difference by doing pro bono work or working on amicus briefs,” he said.

Rienzi suggested that students network and consider applying to places such as: The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, Alliance Defending Freedom, American Center for Law and Justice, First Liberty, Christian Legal Society, Pacific Legal Foundation, and Congressional member offices and committees. He also recommended that students take Constitutional Law I, Constitutional Law II, Federal Courts, and Administrative Law while in law school.

“You can become an expert in something you care about,” said Rienzi.” You can write, research, and develop your expertise…this expertise is what makes the phone ring when you get older.”