The Catholic University of America

First row, L to R: Justin Kenyon (2L), Erin Luibrand (2L), Adriana Sanchez (2L), Jennifer Brooker (3E);
Second row, L to R: Sabah Petrov (4E), Vania Smith (3E);
Third row, L to R: Nathan King (2E), Patrick Elwell (4E), Jordanne Miller (3L);
Fourth row, L to R: Callan Smith (4E), Taylor Dontje (2L), Casey Wiggin (2L), April Currey (2L)

Moot Court National Trial Team Begins the 2018-19 Academic Year

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Students of the 2018-19 CUA Law Moot Court National Trial Team are preparing for fall competitions following completion of their annual training camp and intra-team competition. CUA will compete in the In Vino Veritas trial competition hosted by Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California the weekend of October 19, and at the Buffalo-Niagara Mock Trial Competition in Buffalo, New York the weekend of November 9.

Nine new members were selected after last spring’s tryouts, and along with four returning members, participated in training camp at the law school on August 18 and 19. New and returning members alike immersed themselves in two full days of trial procedure, technique, and the rules of evidence. Camp was led by National Trial Team directors John N. Sharifi and Lindsey Cloud Mervis.

The weekend after training camp was the intra-team competition, at which members of the team competed against one another in simulated jury trials for a chance to earn advocate roles in the fall competitions. The trials were presided over by Sharifi, with CUA trial team alumni and local practitioners serving as jurors. The top advocates at the intra-team qualified to represent the law school in San Francisco and Buffalo. Members not competing in the fall will continue to train in the program and hone their skills, and have an opportunity to earn advocate roles for the spring competitions.

“We are looking to build on last year’s successes and look forward to an outstanding year with a talented group. We’re already impressed by their motivation and commitment,” said Mervis. Last year’s highlights include advancing to the regional semi-finals at the Texas Young Lawyers Association trial competition and the quarterfinals at In Vino Veritas. CUA was eliminated by the eventual winner in both competitions.

“We have an axe to grind,” stated Jennifer Brooker, 3E.

Needless to say, the team is already busy preparing for their competitions.