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CUA Law professor Mary Graw Leary's expertise in the area of the exploitation of children and women was sought out by Catholic News Agency in an article entitled "Attorney General nominee would consider cracking down on child pornography" See Below 

Attorney General nominee would consider cracking down on child pornography

Catholic News Agency 
January 16, 2016
By Matt Hadro 

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Mary G. Leary, a law professor at the Catholic University of America’s Columbus School of Law, told CNA that these obscenity laws are “very important” to enforce now because pornography has increased both in the amount of content and in violence.

“Due to limited resources and the explosion of violence against children,” child pornography crimes are a large focus of prosecutors but this leaves other forms of pornography free to “metastasize,” Leary said, “both quantitatively and qualitatively.”

Thus, the violence – especially toward women – has increased in pornography, she said, and “the effect this exposure to very obscene and disturbing imagery [has] can be significant. Exploitation is a continuum.”

This is another reason why the DOJ special task force should be brought back, she said.

“It would allow that unit to focus on obscene glorifications of sexual violence against women and marginalized members of our community and allow the very effective Child Exploitation component of CEOS at DOJ to continue their focus on child abuse images.”
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