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CUA Law Alumnus, Douglas Wigdor '93, Featured in The New York Times

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CUA Law alumnus, Douglas Wigdor '93, was featured in The New York Times article entitled "Leading the Legal War Against Fox" on September 22, 2017. Wigdor has filed 11 suits against Fox News for defamation, sexual harassment, and racial discrimination. See below.

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It was late in April, not long after he had filed his first three lawsuits against Fox News and was gearing up to file three more that the lawyer Douglas Wigdor decided he needed a flow chart. His legal barrage against the network was getting confusing. Litigation was flying everywhere. It was leaping off his desk.

And so one day he sat down with some lawyers at his law firm in Manhattan, Wigdor L.L.P., and put together an Excel spreadsheet titled “Chart All Fox Litigation.” There were columns for the captions of the cases, for the names of the various plaintiffs, for motion deadlines and hearing dates. Five months later, after suing Fox again and again (then again and again and again), what started as a simple tool to organize his casework now looks more like a tactical battle plan.

In less than a year, Mr. Wigdor, a self-described conservative Republican, has filed 11 actions against Fox News, in three different courts in New York City, making claims of defamation, sexual harassment and racial discrimination on behalf of 24 individual plaintiffs. His efforts have amounted to a Normandy-like assault against the network that has threatened Fox News and its parent company, 21st Century Fox, with damages in excess of $100 million. While other lawyers have handled more salacious cases against Fox — among them, those that led to the scandal-plagued departures of Roger Ailes, Fox’s founder, and Bill O’Reilly, its most successful host — Mr. Wigdor’s serial suits are surely the broadest and most sustained juridical attack on Fox to be mounted by a single private lawyer.

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