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CUA Law Professor Emerita Leah Wortham work with the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) and LegalED noted in a recent interview with Michele Pistone, founder of LegalED, on Scholastica's blogpost. The interview references Wortham's contribution to the video series on law school teaching best practices, which AALS and LegalED produced. See below. 

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Is this video series for professors at any stage, regardless of how tenured they are?

MP: Yes, I definitely think there is something for everyone. There is so much happening right now in legal education that professors need to know about. Just the topic of technology and how it’s changing the practice of law is something that everyone needs to understand. Now you can watch a really engaging video by Leah Wortham about equipping law students to thrive in the changing legal marketplace to get more information on that topic. We also have videos on effectively using technology in today’s classrooms that I think everyone could benefit from watching.
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Click here to view the full post and click here to view Professor Emerita Wortham's video.


  Leah Wortham

Professor Emerita Leah Wortham's Areas of Expertise


Clinical externships


Development of clinical education programs internationally

Professional responsibility and legal ethics in the U.S. and internationally

Future of the legal professions and legal services market

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