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CUA Law Professor Cara H. Drinan was quoted in a May 12 article published by the Catholic News Agency entitled "How being poor wrecks your chances of good legal representation." See below.

How being poor wrecks your chances of good legal representation

Catholic News Agency
May 12, 2016
By Matt Hadro

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“It’s really more of a scenario where states have never honored the Sixth Amendment right to counsel in a way that the Supreme Court envisioned,” Cara Drinan, a law professor at the Catholic University of America’s Columbus School of Law, told CNA in an interview.
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There is “enormous disparity in terms of resources,” Professor Drinan said, noting that “across the board, prosecutors tend to have more resources than defenders.”
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Prosecutors do have excessive caseloads too, Drinan said. “One of the key differences, though, is that the prosecutors have the power to make those cases go away,” she added.  

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