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CUA Law Professor Mary Leary's op-ed "A second byte at Apple," was published in the Union Leader.  See below.  

A second byte at Apple

From: Union Leader
Date: March 10, 2016
Author: Mary Leary

IN RECENT DAYS, the so-called “encryption debate” has continued to snowball, culminating in a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, where law enforcement officials, academics and captains of industry staked out their positions in this national discussion. 

An optimist might conclude that policymakers were perhaps heeding the counsel of Justice Samuel Alito, who noted in his 2012 United States v. Jones concurring opinion that “(In) circumstances involving dramatic technological change, the best solution to privacy concerns may be legislative.”

Do not get your hopes up.


Congress, law enforcement, and the media, continue to miss the real issue, and that is just how these companies want it.

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