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CUA Law professor Elizabeth Winston will be a panelist at the D.C. Bar on February 11, 2016. See below

Professor Winston will be part of a panel entitled "Not Just For Patents: Claims Involving Trade Secrets, Trademarks, Copyrights and Beyond at the International Trade Commission (ITC)" at the D.C. Bar on February 11, 2016. 

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Event Description
While Section 337 investigations at the International Trade Commission (ITC) most commonly involve patent claims, other forms of unfair competition involving imported goods, such as misappropriation of trade secrets, trademark misuse, copyright infringement, and violations of antitrust law, may also be asserted under Section 337. Nearly all businesses rely on trade secrets, trademarks, and copyrights as means to protect important business information, strategies, and practices from competitors. Recently, a number of companies suffering from trade secret, copyright, and trademark violations have chosen to file complaints with the ITC. This program will explore the ITC as a growing venue to address these intellectual property claims beyond patent infringement, and will discuss the procedures, remedies, and other key characteristics of using the ITC as a potential venue.
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Mary G. Leary   

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