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On January 13, 2016, CUA Law Professor Sarah Duggin was quoted in an article discussing Ted Cruz and the Natural Born Citizenship issue. See below. 

Ted Cruz: Made in Canada
Before he was running for president, the Texas senator was little Felito from Calgary

January 13, 2016
by: Jason Markusoff and Allen Abel


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All this birtherism is as mother’s milk to Sarah Helene Duggin, a professor of law and a constitutional scholar at the Catholic University of America in Washington. Duggin has researched and written extensively on the subject of eligibility for the presidency. Also, her husband’s family comes from Montreal. “I don’t think it is settled law because the Supreme Court has never dealt with it and it’s not clear exactly what the framers of the Constitution meant,” says Duggin. “For example, did they intend that their own children who might be born overseas during a diplomatic assignment would not be eligible for the presidency?”

“It’s one the worst provisions in our Constitution—to use place of birth as a surrogate for loyalty. It is clear that, in the 18th century, Britain was willing to accept foreign-born monarchs from Germany, but the framers of the Constitution were quite clearly not willing to accept foreign-born presidents.”

Duggin would prefer that citizens such as Cruz—or even the Austrian-born Arnold Schwarzenegger—be accepted as legitimate presidential timber even if they weren’t citizens from the instant of their birth. “The best solution would be a constitutional amendment. But since the last one took about 200 years to be ratified, I’m not optimistic.”
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