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CUA Law professor Mark Rienzi quoted in article published by The Washignton Times on January 4 and Aletia on January 9 in reference to the Little Sisters of the Poor and the brief, which was filed to SCOTUS on their behalf. See below. 

Little Sisters of the Poor Appeal to Supreme Court for Protection Against Feds
Facing $70 million in fines, order that cares for elderly asks for intervention

From: Aletia
Date: January 9, 2016
By: John Burger


“The Little Sisters spend their lives taking care of the neediest members of our society — that is work our government should applaud, not punish,” said Mark Rienzi, Becket Fund senior counsel.
. . .

“It is ridiculous for the federal government to claim, in this day and age, that it can’t figure out how to distribute contraceptives without involving nuns and their health plans,” said senior counsel Mark Rienzi.

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