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CUA Law professor Mary Graw Leary's presented at the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) Symposium: Violence Against Women.

Professor Leary was asked to present at the AALS Symposium: Violence Against Women. Her presentation was on Affirmative Consent in rape cases, the title of her presentation was: "Affirmative Consent: A Component of a "Consent Culture"". This was the AALS' third annual symposium and Leary's second time being asked to present. The program was held on Saturday, January 9.

Arnold H. Loewy, Texas Tech University School of Law, organized this year’s AALS Symposium on Violence Against Women. On the AALS website Loewy was quoted as saying, “This program brings together scholars from all over the country to discuss a variety of issues surrounding violence against women,” Professor Loewy explained. “Not only is the topic extraordinarily timely, but the resolution of some of the issues is not intuitively obvious and have engendered considerable debate. That debate will continue on such issues as how easy or difficult should it be to obtain a rape conviction, when can a woman in fear of her life kill her abuser even if his threat is not imminent, and how severely should we punish violence against women.”

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Mary G. Leary   

Professor Mary G. Leary's
Areas of Expertise

Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, and Technology

Exploitation of children and women

Human Trafficking

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