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On January 7 and 8, 2016, CUA Law Professor Sarah Duggin's expertise continued to be called upon to discuss Ted Cruz and the Natural Born Citizenship issue. See below. 

On January 7 professor Sarah Duggin made several appearances to discuss the Ted Cruz Natural Born Citizenship issue. She appeared on MSNBC's Live with Thomas Roberts to discuss the question whether the Canadian born Senator is a “natural born' citizen” qualified to serve as President within the meaning of the Constitution.
Click here to view the interview. She also was interviewed by Steve Handelsman of NBC news, click here to see a segment of the interview, and Allan Loudell of WDEL radio in Delaware.

On January 8 the interviews continued with Jim Engster on Louisiana Radio in the afternoon.

Professor Duggin was also quoted by ABC News and the ABA Journal,

. . . .
“I think there’s a scholarly consensus, but it’s not a done deal,” said Sarah Helene Duggin, a professor at the Catholic University of America, adding that experts aren't unanimous on the issue. “I don’t think it’s open and shut at all.”
. . . 

Also on January 8, The Washington Post, quoted a 2005 article from the Boston University Law Review, which was written by Sarah Duggin and Mary Beth Collins, class of 2003.

. . . 
That risk, Sarah Helene Duggin and Mary Beth Collins explained in a 2005 article in the Boston University Law Review, is no longer present. “Any historically legitimate justification for the proviso faded away long ago,” they wrote. “Fortunately, our independence from England is now secure, and the United States has grown from a fledgling former colony into the most powerful nation in the world.”
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