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CUA Law Professor Lucia Silecchia was quoted in a September 22 article published by Life Site News entitlted "Pro-life, disability rights advocates urge DC City Council to reject assisted suicide" See below. 

Pro-life, disability rights advocates urge DC City Council to reject assisted suicide

Life Site News
September 22, 2016
By Claire Chretien

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A ‘cheap substitute’ for ‘real dignity’

“As a moral question,” this bill is “identifying one small group of people and saying, ‘your life is no longer worth living,’” Lucia Silecchia, a D.C. resident and law professor at The Catholic University of America, told LifeSiteNews. “And that’s bad enough as it is, then there’s no logical break to that. What’s magic about a six-month diagnosis? Why not nine months? Why not a year? Why not the person who’s facing a lifetime of a painful illness?”
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“I worry about what it says that the very name of this bill is called ‘Death with Dignity,’” Silecchia said. “I have watched people very close to me pass away after a valiant fight, and that says to them, ‘you didn’t die with dignity.’ What does that say to a person who gets a terminal diagnosis and you’re told, this is the humane, compassionate, and dignified thing to do?”

“Death will come for all of us and I think in an ideal world, we all have this vision of what it’s going to be, but that’s not the chapter of the book we get to write,” Silecchia said. “And I think what our focus should be on is how do we care for people lovingly, carefully, and with what real dignity is and not a cheap substitute for it.”

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