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CUA Law Alumna’s Privacy Law Expertise Is Sought After

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CUA Law Alumna Anne McKenna's ’94, expert advice in privacy law is often sought after. In an August 25, Baltimore Sun article entitled “Baltimore's aerial surveillance program goes way beyond CitiWatch, experts say,” McKenna is quoted regarding the use of aerial surveillance usage by law enforcement.

Baltimore's aerial surveillance program goes way beyond CitiWatch, experts say

The Baltimore Sun 
August 25, 2016
Kevin Rector

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"They're trying to make people calm by saying, 'Don't worry, this is just an expansion of our CCTV program.' It's not," said Anne McKenna, a visiting assistant professor of law at Penn State University and a legal consultant to the U.S. Department of Justice on aerial surveillance issues. "This is not a camera pole that sits in one location and films people walking back and forth."

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McKenna said such a capability could produce data ripe for abuse without oversight.
"Imagine there is somebody who has a vendetta, and they can access the data. I'm not saying this is happening, but imagine the misuse potential for that data," she said.

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