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CUA Law professor Mary Graw Leary was quoted in a August 29 National Catholic Register article entitled "The Politics of Pornography." See Below 

The Politics of Pornography

National Catholic Register 
August 29, 2016
Brian Fraga 

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“Today’s pornography is extremely violent, hard-core, and it is obscene by any measure and we should be using these laws,” to prosecute, said Mary Graw Leary, a law professor at The Catholic University of America. Leary told the Register that a great deal of the existing top-consumed pornography would meet federal standards used to define what is obscene.

“A problem is that the mainstream media uses pornography and obscenity interchangeably, and they are not synonymous,” Leary said.
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“When I was a prosecutor, I was sympathetic to the judgement call that if I have to choose between obscenity and a child pornography case, I’m going to go with the child pornography case because that’s a real child being victimized there,” Leary said.

In addition, public pushback, abetted by mainstream media coverage and a multi-billion dollar pornography industry, have dampened the political will to attack obscene materials. Leary added that there were novels and works of art that were subjects of past prosecutions that hinder efforts to convince the public and the courts that there are still obscenity cases worth prosecuting.
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Leary said that identifying pornography as a public health issue is an important step to dealing with the problem on a societal level.

Said Leary, “We can’t criminalize our way out of the problem. The problem is not just that nobody is being held criminally responsible for disseminating obscene speech and materials... In order for us to address the obscene speech and pornography problem, it has to be multi-pronged. Looking at it as a public health framework is an important piece.”

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