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CUA Law professor Mary Graw Leary was quoted in a July 7 Boston Globe article entitled "Dozens of convicted rapists in Mass. have avoided prison." See Below 

Dozens of convicted rapists in Mass. have avoided prison

Boston Globe
July 7, 2016
Matt Rocheleau

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Getting a conviction and at least some punishment for the defendant is sometimes viewed as a better option than risking losing the case at trial. It also removes the possible need to bring a traumatized victim to testify.

“The ultimate goal is to decrease crime and hold people responsible, and sometimes that can come in different forms and packages,” said law professor Mary G. Leary, a former prosecutor whose focus included sexual assault cases.

In another possible scenario, a victim might ask the judge not to incarcerate the assailant.

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Mary G. Leary   

Professor Mary G. Leary's
Areas of Expertise

Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, and Technology

Exploitation of children and women

Human Trafficking

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