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Visiting Indonesian Legal Educators Pay Call at CUA Law


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A project run by the Asia Foundation and funded by USAID brought six Indonesian law deans and six clinical teachers to the Columbus School of Law on March 18. 

The group met with Professor Catherine Klein, director of the law school’s Columbus Community Legal Services, and Professor Emerita Leah Wortham. The two professors spent time explaining the American model of clinical legal education, emphasizing its benefits to students and clients alike.
Most of the foreign law school deans who participated in the study tour at CUA Law support legal clinics as part of their curriculum, although some appear unconvinced. The goal of the tour’s organizers is to give the supportive deans more information about legal clinics so that they can make their clinical programs stronger, and to provide the less enthusiastic deans with inspiration to support the legal clinics that are struggling to survive at their law schools.
The issue was explained this way:
“The current legal education system in Indonesia, unfortunately, does not adequately contribute to the creation of reform conscience professionals and does not contribute generally to solving broader challenges and problems of the justice sector. Furthermore, legal education has traditionally relied on classroom lecture-style teaching that focuses on the theory of law rather than on pedagogy that focuses on the actual functioning of the justice system and connects theory with the real-life application of the law.”
The group has been touring Washington, D.C. area law schools from March 11-24. The USAID funded program is officially called The Educating and Equipping Tomorrow’s Justice Reformers (E2J) Project.
Visiting Law School Deans
 Dr. Topo Santoso, Dean of the University of Indonesia School of Law
 Dr. Muhammad Hawin, Dean of Gadjah Mada University School of Law
 Dr. Sigid Suseno, Dean of Padjadjaran University School of Law
 Dr. I Gusti Ngurah Wairocana, Dean of Udayana University School of Law
 Dr. Amzulian Rifai, Dean of Sriwijaya University School of Law
 Dr. Farida Patittingi, Dean of Hasanuddin University School of Law
Law School Clinical Lecturers
 Dr. Anwar Borahima, Law Lecturer – Hasanuddin University
 Dr. Ida Bagus Surya Dharma Jaya, Law Lecturer - Udayana University
 Mr. Ijud Tajudin Abeng, Law Lecturer – Padjadjaran University
 Ms. Febby Mutiara Nelson, Law Lecturer – University of Indonesia
 Mr. Tody Sasmitha, Law Lecturer - Gadjah Mada Universit
 Ms. Maria Kaban, Law Lecturer – University of North Sumatera