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Third Annual Dean’s Dinner for Student Scholarships Draws Generous Crowd

Dean's Dinner 

Alumni and friends of the Columbus School of Law gathered for a special evening on April 9 to enjoy camaraderie and demonstrate their commitment to the school in one of the most meaningful ways possible: by donating generously to its scholarship fund.

Initiated by the Law School’s Board of Visitors in 2013 to honor then new dean, Daniel F. Attridge, the Dean’s Dinner has become an important spring tradition at CUA Law as a means of raising scholarship support for students. This year’s event was held at The Army and Navy Club in downtown Washington, D.C., where the room was at capacity to hear special guest speaker, White House Counsel W. Neil Eggleston.

Deans Dinner

Board of Visitors Chair Thomas D. Yannucci, Senior Partner and Chair Emeritus at Kirkland & Ellis LLP, engaged Eggleston in a wide-ranging question-and-answer session that included questions about his role at the White House, his career preparation for the public service position, a typical daily schedule, and the future of legal education.

Jane Golden Belford, former Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Washington and parent of a student at CUA Law, offered the invocation.

Deans Dinner

In his dinner remarks, Dean Attridge emphasized the importance of scholarships in recruiting “the best and brightest,” and thanked the donors for positively contributing to students’ futures with their gifts. “The partnership of our alumni and friends and their continuing commitment to building our scholarship program sends a great message to current and prospective students: we intend to make a CUA Law education affordable. This has been a priority since I came to the Law School.”

The following alumni and friends contributed to the success of this event:

Deans Dinner

2015 Sponsors, Hosts, and Contributors

Named Scholar Benefactors $10,000

• Michael Joseph Bidwill, Esquire, 1990
• Thomas D. Yannucci, Esquire


 Table Sponsors $5,000

• Dean Daniel F. Attridge and Missy Attridge
• Michael F. Curtin, Esquire, 1965
• J. Michael Hannon, Esquire, 1980
• Jeffrey S. Puretz, Esquire, 1981
• Shawn P. Regan, Esquire, 1996
• Alumni Council Table – James Constantin Anagnos,
  Esquire, 1996, Molly R. Bryson, Esquire 1998,
  Susan S. Newell, Esquire, 1993, and Stanley E.
  Woodward, Esquire, 2008

Hosts $1,000 

• Amanda W. Abshire, Esquire 2008
• James W. Attridge, Esquire
• The Honorable Patrick J. Attridge and Teresa Attridge
• Jane Golden Belford, Esquire
• Kevin B. Belford, Esquire
• John G. Carberry, Esquire, 1973 and Margaret Carberry
• Mark D. Cowan, Esquire, 1977
• Donald W. Farley, Esquire, 1969 and JoAnn Farley
• Richard J. Favretto, Esquire, 1966
• Suellen M. Ferguson, Esquire, 1977
• Karen L. Grubber, Esquire, 1992
• Kathy L. John, Esquire, 1979 and Kenneth John
• Peggy Love, Esquire, 1988
• James E. McDonald, Esquire, 1969
• Larry R. Pilot, Esquire 1967
• John Edward Reid, Esquire, 2000
• Stanley J. Samorajczyk, Esquire, 1967
• Richard A. Shapack, Esquire, 1976
• John M. Skenyon, Esquire, 1973
• Richard Lee Slowinski, Esquire, 1991
• Ann M. Slowinski, Esquire, 1992
• Kevin P. Tighe, Esquire, 1969
• S. Jenell Trigg, Esquire, 1997
• Richard C. White, Esquire, 1994


• Julie Bowen, Esquire, 1990
• Peter J. Chepucavage, Esquire, 1974
• The Honorable Joseph F. Cimini, 1973
• Christopher H. Collins, Esquire, 1978
• Michelle L. Curth, Esquire, 2012
• David A. Donohoe, Esquire, 1962
• Maureen E. Dwyer, Esquire, 1978
• Dr. Tanya A. Easton
• Alice Fisher, Esquire, 1992
• Arthur N. Fuccillo, Esquire, 1978 and Drucilla Fuccillo
• Thomas Gagliardo, Esquire, 1974
• Mary Anne Gibbons, Esquire, 1980
• David and Deirdre Graf
• John E. Higgins, Jr. Esquire
• Kathleen M. Kundar, Esquire, 1974
• Professor David A. Lipton
• Thomas Madden, Esquire, 1968
• Robert E. Mannion, Esquire, 1969
• James P. Marusak, Esquire, 1980
• J. Paul Molloy, Esquire, 1965
• Jane W. Molloy, Esquire, 1965
• Kathleen O’Brien, Esquire, 1981
• Susan O’Connell, Esquire, 1983 and Edward O’Connell
• James T. O’Hara, Esquire, 1962
• Nancy M. Palermo, Esquire, 1997
• Lawrence R. Radanovic, Esquire, 1963 and Deirdre
• Mark Reinhardt, Esquire, 1971
• Professor Emeritus Ralph J. Rohner, 1963 and Monica

• Stanley J. Samorajczyk, Esquire, 1967
• Marimichael O. Skubel, Esquire, 1979
• Janet St. Amand, Esquire
• Charles W. Tiedemann, Esquire, 1981
• Paula S. Tiedemann, Esquire, 1981
• Janet St. Amand, Esquire
• Alison F. Watson, Esquire, 2003
• Professor Emerita Leah Wortham and The Honorable
  Eric L. Hirschhorn


Student and Faculty Sponsors

• Michelle L. Curth, Esquire, 2012
• Karen Grubber, Esquire, 1992
• Thomas Madden, Esquire, 1968
• Mr. Marty Weissman (2)
• Professor Emerita Leah Wortham and The Honorable Eric L. Hirschhorn