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Student’s Seminar Paper Accepted for Publication in National Security Law Brief


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Catholic University law school student Malissa Tucker’s paper, “Lines in the Sand: Drawing Meaningful Contours for the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine (In a World at War),” has been accepted for publication by American University’s Washington College of Law National Security Law Brief. Her work is tentatively scheduled to appear in the spring 2015 edition.
The third-year evening student wrote the article for her fall 2014 national security seminar class, taught by Professors Sandra and Dave Hodgkinson.
The paper deals with the struggle to define a “Responsibility to Protect” (“RtoP”) policy by stronger nations in the face of the 21st century’s many bloody conflicts around the globe. The difficulty with defining and implementing a workable humanitarian intervention policy is costing lives, Tucker states.
…This article argues that in order to fulfill its recognized RtoP obligations, the United States must clarify its humanitarian intervention strategy and become a genuine leader in the RtoP movement. In doing so the United States must build a consensus on what RtoP means and what it requires, as well as be willing to act in the face of humanitarian crises. Without a well-structured RtoP agenda, America has contributed to troubling national security dilemmas, calling into question our commitment to protecting vulnerable populations, and adding to skepticism over whether RtoP is a worthwhile policy. 
Tucker, set to graduate in 2016, said “this [publication] goes to show that the education I have received at the Columbus School of Law has prepared me to contribute to legal scholarship and address crucial issues in the field of national security. It also speaks to the incredible opportunity that CUA students have to draw on the unique DC metro atmosphere and to engage with surrounding schools.”