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 Mario Loyola with 3L Sarah Waters, president of CUA Law's Federalist Society.



Federalist Society Speaker Addresses EPA Clean Power Plan


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“There has never been a rule like this before,” began Mario Loyola, a Senior Fellow at the Texas Public Policy Foundation.
Invited to speak on March 31 by the CUA Law’s Federalist Society chapter, Loyola spent much of his time explaining and condemning the Clean Power Plan Proposed Rule, put forth by EPA in 2014.
EPA calls the proposed regulation “a commonsense plan to cut carbon pollution from power plants,” while Loyola calls it instead “a dramatic expansion of EPA’s power, well outside the boundaries of the Clean Air Act.”
Loyola argued the proposal is using an obscure provision in existing statutory law to attempt to bring the coal industry and related power sectors under greater federal control.  
CUA Law’s Federalist Society had invited a second speaker to present an opposing point of view, but that person was unable to attend, so Loyola’s take on the EPA’s clean power plan was the only one put forth.
Loyola is a regular contributor to National Review and National Public Radio, and has written extensively for national and international publications, including op-eds in The Wall Street Journal. He has appeared on Fox News, CNN, BBC Television, and more.