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Professor Kenneth Pennington Interviewed by CBS This Morning



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Catholic University Professor Kenneth Pennington appeared on the CBS This Morning broadcast of March 9, discussing the ransom demands of thieves who stole letters from the Vatican written by the Renaissance master Michelangelo.
The invaluable missives were stolen nearly 20 years ago, but the Vatican chose to remain silent about the theft. The unknown thieves are now demanding a ransom of more than $100,000, a sum that Pennington considers small given the value of the papers.
Pennington, who holds a dual appointment in The Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law and The School of Canon Law, told CBS News:
"The people who stole them can't have any idea how much a letter from Michelangelo is worth. One hundred thousand Euros is almost a ridiculously small sum even for one letter. And if, in fact, as it's been reported that it’s two letters, that is an extraordinarily cheap ransom."