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Enthusiastic Turnout Marks 2015 Intro to CUA Law


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Fifty-five students admitted to the Columbus School of Law for the 2015-16 academic year attended “Intro to CUA Law” on Saturday, April 11, to learn more about life in the institution that will play a significant role in their near futures.
The majority of the attendees were from the mid-Atlantic area, but some came from as far away as Louisiana, Tennessee, and California.
After registration and a continental breakfast, the group was welcomed to the CUA Law community by Daniel F. Attridge, Dean and Knights of Columbus Professor of Law, who was introduced by 3L Daniel Kane.
Two dynamic and popular faculty professors, Mark Rienzi and Mary Leary, spoke at different times throughout the morning and succeeded in firing up the incoming students about the opportunities and quality of legal education that await them.
The admitted students took in “Congratulations, You Are Going to Law School! Now What?” a presentation on preparing for a unique educational experience in a close-knit and supportive environment offered by Maura DeMouy, Assistant Dean for Student Support, and Georgia Niedzielko, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs.
Three current students also shared their insights and perspectives about the value of their CUA Law education: 1L Arthur Osueke, 3L Emily Shinogle, and 4E Jarrod Schlenker.
The audience also listened attentively to the success stories from a panel of recent alumni, who shared tips and advice for thriving in law school and beyond. Speakers included Stella Lee, 2012; Jonathan Tabacoff, 2014; Thierry Ghattas, 2011; and Julya Heywood, 2012.
The presentations were followed by an informal lunch with students, faculty, and alumni, capped with tours of the law school for the students who will soon call it home.