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L-R: Former CUA Law Dean Veryl V. Miles, in whose name the BLSA Alumni Award is presented; Lawrence Laws,
evening vice-president, BLSA; Gerald A. A. Collins, BLSA's 2015 Alumni Achievement Award recipient;
and Ashley Morse, president of BLSA



Class of 2000 Alumnus Honored by Black Law Students Association


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Gerald A. A. Collins, the division chief of the Major Investigations Unit in the State’s Attorney’s Office for Baltimore City, was presented with the 2015 Alumni Achievement Award by Catholic University’s Black Law Students Association (BLSA) on March 19th during an evening ceremony and reception at the law school.  
Collins, who earned his JD from the Columbus School of Law 15 years ago, spoke with pride about how his CUA Law degree has shaped his life and career so far.
“Once I graduated from Catholic’s law school, I was the smartest guy in the room,” said Collins, who noted that his degree also conferred expectations from others about high behavioral standards. “People expect you to be a leader in your community. Don’t run away from those expectations,” he said.
The occasion marked the 21st BLSA Alumni-Student reception, which in addition to honoring an outstanding alumnus gives students a chance to establish professional connections with other alumni in attendance.
Collins supervises a team of attorneys focused on the investigation and prosecution of violent criminal organizations and repeat offenders. Earlier, he served as Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Division of the Office of the Attorney General for Maryland, and was cross-designated as a Special Assistant United States Attorney in the Criminal Division of the United States Attorney's Office for the District of Maryland.  
Collins is the immediate past president of the J. Franklyn Bourne Bar Association, a specialty bar association comprised primarily of over 200 African American legal practitioners, attorneys, and judges in Prince George’s County and Montgomery County, Maryland.   
Collins told students that throughout his career, he has always kept in mind the role of the law in people’s lives.
“You will leave this school and embark on a journey that will impact the lives of people around the nation and the world. The ability to impact lives is a blessing of our practice,” he said.
Welcome and introductory remarks were offered by Lawrence Laws, evening vice-president, BLSA; Daniel F. Attridge, dean and Knights of Columbus Professor of Law, Columbus School of Law; and Jordan Baucum Colbert, secretary, BLSA. Closing remarks were given by Ashley Morse, president of BLSA.