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Almost at Finish Line, Class of 2015 Celebrates with Champagne Toast


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Reveling in a cherished CUA Law tradition, the Class of 2015 gathered in the law school’s atrium on April 22 to raise a collective glass and toast themselves, their law school, their strong bonds, and their bright futures.
The annual April ceremony honors the hard work and shared experiences of students who are nearing the end of a unique and wonderful experience. Speakers included Student Bar Association President Amanda Azarian, Dean Daniel F. Attridge, and 4E Melissa Youssef, who was chosen to speak at the toast on behalf of her classmates.
Professor Mary Leary was recognized as the law school’s Professor of the Year, and the Rev. Raymond O’Brien was named as Faculty Marshall for 2015, the person who will read the names of the graduating students.
Dean Attridge expressed his hope that “you stay committed to us throughout your lives,” reminding the outgoing class that as near-alumni, future students will look to them for guidance and advice.
Some of the most moving remarks were given by Melissa Youssef, a first-generation Egyptian-American who spoke of the fulfillment of her family’s dreams and belief in the promise of America. Dedicating her remarks to her grandmother, Youssef characterized her class as “refined, resilient, tenacious decision-makers.”
“Let us make our mark upon a land where nothing is impossible with hard work and determination. Let excellence be our brand,” she said.
Thirty percent of the Class of 2015 has already contributed to the class gift fund, which helps to fund scholarships for future students. If the class reaches a set goal by August 1, the law school will provide matching funds.