The Catholic University of America

(Clinical Assistant Professor Faith Mullen and Dr. Janet Selway, an Assistant Professor at the
CUA School of Nursing, prepare for their scene)


CUA Law Alumnus and Professor Work with CUA School of Nursing
and Other CUA Schools to Develop an Interdisciplinary Training Video for Nurses

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Lights! Camera! Action! CUA had its own version of Hollywood for four days of filming during the week of July 6th.

Dr. Janet Selway, an Assistant Professor at the CUA School of Nursing, obtained an HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration) grant to develop an interdisciplinary video to train gerontology nurses to work with other professionals. Dr. Selway invited professors from social work, psychology, and law to join her in creating a series of short videos focused on interprofessional collaboration. The law-and-nursing video focused on an older woman with multiple health problems. During a home visit, the nurse discovers that the woman has been served with a summons to appear in court due to a possible lease violation. The nurse calls in a lawyer (Clinical Assistant Professor Faith Mullen) and they work collaboratively to address the client's problems. 

(Cassie Davis, Joey Davis,'15, and the makeup artist Sallie Keena)

The video emphasizes the importance of maintaining a climate of mutual respect and shared values. To that end, there are core competencies that are modeled in the video: using the knowledge of one's own role and those of other professions to address the needs of patients; communicating in a responsive and responsible manner that supports a team approach; and applying relationship-building values and team dynamics to plan and deliver services.

 This is an important inter-departmental collaboration among nursing, law, psychology, and social work.

Joey Davis, class of 2015, acted as the research assistant on the project. He played the role of an unhappy adult child in the nursing/social work video and was the voice of the SimMan®, a "realistic, full-body adult, wireless patient simulator." The video was professionally filmed and edited by Napalon Productions.