The Catholic University of America

pictured from L to R are 3L Ashley Morse, 3L Tim Doughty, Mr. Bandim, Prof. Gregg,
3L Bill Durdach, 3L Lauren McCarty, and 3L Meghan Lanigan


Ghana Telecommunications Official Visits Law School Capstone Class 

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During their final semester at CUA Law, J.D. students pursuing a Certificate in Communications Law Studies participate in a Capstone Seminar that enables them to apply the expertise they have gained in the classroom and through telecommunications-focused externships to some of the cutting-edge issues in the telecommuncations field today.

Each year, the seminar focuses on one or more “hot topics", which the students research and debate during class. The impact of the Internet and recent developments in information technology naturally were among this year’s key areas of focus.

At the seminar’s final meeting, the students enjoyed a special presentation from an official of the National Communications Authority of Ghana, Mr. Abed Bandim, who visited the Law School while in Washington for a Conference at the World Bank. Thanks to his interesting presentation and the ensuing conversation about Ghana’s efforts to deploy broadband and advanced information services throughout a developing nation, the members of the class now view the issues they have studied with a more global perspective.