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CUA Law professor Mary Graw Leary was interviewed in reference to the Virginia detective who was facing child sex-related charges and killed himself. See below. 

On December 15, 2015, Professor Mary Leary was interviewed on WTOP Radio, the all-news station for the D.C. area. The interview was in reference to the Virginia detective who was facing child sex-related charges and killed himself. Because of Leary's expertise in the area of exploitation of children, the questions focused on how to spot this kind of abuse, what parents should watch out for, as well as child sexual exploitation and abuse by authority figures.

Below is a portion of the article, How to keep kids safe from predators — even if they’re authority figures, that was transcribed from Leary's interview.

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Mary Leary, a professor at the Catholic University Law School and former deputy director for the Office of Legal Counsel at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, tells WTOP that predators often seek out positions of power, such as coach or police officer. It’s one of many jobs that gives them access to children, and it helps provide secrecy, too.

When people in trust could be the ones committing crimes against children, what can a parent do? What should they look for?

First, Leary emphasizes, just because predators seek access to kids, “the converse is not true — that coaches, teachers, police officers, etc., are therefore likely to be sexual offenders. Of course that’s not the situation.”

Second, she says, “The old adage ‘don’t talk to strangers’ is far from sufficient. What we know is that the vast majority of preferential sex offenders are known to the children.”
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