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CUA Law Professor Robert Destro was quoted in a December 8 article published by the Catholic News Agency discussing the issue of how Christians are becoming genocide victims at the hands of ISIS. See below. 

A growing coalition agrees: Christians are genocide victims too

Catholic News Agency
Decmber 8, 2015
By Matt Hadroby

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But while this hypothetically would enable Christians’ survival, albeit as second-class citizens, it is “not a real choice,” insisted Professor Robert Destro of The Catholic University of America’s Columbus School of Law.

“Even if you pay, you’re not going to be able to practice your religion,” he told CNA. “As a practical matter, you’re going to be forced to leave, and you will likely be killed. And remember, they [ISIS] are tearing down the churches.”

“This meets the classic definition of genocide,” he said.

Additionally, the very fact that the Islamic State is forcing Christians to leave, convert to their Islamist beliefs or pay a jizya tax is proof “that they’re focusing on religion,” part of the definition of genocide, Destro added.

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