The Catholic University of America

Professor Mark Rienzi with the Federalist Society staff (L to R)
Ileana Russo (2L), Daniel Reed (2L), and Travis Drost (3L) at the Columbus School of Law.


A Discussion on Defending Religious Freedom with Professor Mark Rienzi

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After giving a talk at Harvard Law School on October 15, Professor Mark Rienzi followed it up with a talk at the Columbus School of Law on October 21. Both talks were sponsored by the Federalist Society groups at each school and centered around the work he's done representing various clients', such as the Little Sisters of the Poor, religious freedom rights.

And on the weekend between the two talks, Professor Rienzi was quoted in the Washington Post in reference to the Little Sisters case, "Mark L. Rienzi, a Catholic University law professor and Becket Fund attorney, acknowledged that there are “optics reasons” for the support his clients have received, but added that “there are legal reasons, too.”"

The Little Sister's of the Poor case is only one of five cases Rienzi has had brought before the Supreme Court of the United States through his work as a senior counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty. The Becket Fund is a public-interest law firm dedicated to protecting the free expression of all religious traditions, and has accounted for much of Rienzi’s involvement in issues that have been aired before the nation’s highest court.