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CUA Law Director, Law and Social Justice Initiatives and Professor J.P. "Sandy" Ogilvy Quoted in Business Insider Article About Clemency Petition for Timothy Tyler. See below. 

This 'peacenik deadhead' will die behind bars — unless Obama steps in to save him

From: Business Insider
Date: September 13, 2015
Author: Erin Fuchs


In June, the Innocence Project Clinic & Clemency Project at the Catholic University of America's law school filed a petition for commutation on his behalf, giving him a shot at liberty in his lifetime.


Sandy Ogilvy, the professor who runs the project in which law students at Catholic University work on clemency petitions, seemed particularly struck by Tyler's case. 

"The reason Timothy ended up with a life sentence is he had two prior convictions ... It's just crazy. There's no nice way to put it," Ogilvy told me.

Tyler's petition for clemency argued that if he were charged today prosecutors probably wouldn't have used his prior convictions against him. They might not have charged him with a specific amount of drugs, either, Ogilvy said.


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