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Professor Mary Leary Moderates ABA Panel on Fighting Child Exploitation


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Catholic University law school Professor Mary Leary moderated a May 2nd panel that discussed cutting edge innovations in the fight to prevent child sex trafficking.
The panel was part of a daylong presentation on the problem of child abuse and exploitation. The Washington, D.C. symposium, “Bridging the Systems: Stakeholders Working Together to Fight Child Abuse & Exploitation,” was the result of a collaboration between the National Children’s Alliance, the ABA Commission on Domestic & Sexual Violence, the ABA Commission on Youth at Risk, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
Leary’s panel, titled “Innovative Ideas from the Field,” was described this way:
“The problem of child abuse and exploitation is one that touches on many different professional fields such as social work, medicine, law, and law enforcement. As such, the successful societal response to this victimization is multi-disciplinary. Such multi-disciplinary approaches are only part of the solution. Innovation is necessary for society to respond the dynamic and adaptive forms of victimization in which offender engage. This panel discusses creative an innovative responses to contemporary challenges of child abuse and exploitation - and offers practical guidance on translating these approaches to reality.”
Later panels examined “Preventing Re-victimization,” and “Ethical Obligations in Dealing with Child Victims: Roles and Responsibilities of System Actors.”

Leary is among the nation’s foremost experts on the subject of child abuse and exploitation. She serves as co-chair of the ABA Criminal Justice Section's Victims Committee.