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Graduating Students Close Out with an Exhortation to Greatness


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It’s not easy to wrap up the three years of law school experience for the Class of 2014. But Sanchelle Charles, director of communications for the Student Bar Association, did an impressive job of it during her remarks to classmates at the traditional Champagne Toast for graduating law students, held in the building’s atrium on April 24th

Charles’s remarks were by turn humorous, reflective, hopeful, and inspirational. She drew a deft picture of the student experience at CUA Law.
“Some of us have had issues adjusting, struggled with our families; ended relationships, lost loved ones, and others have had random crying spells in a private corner of the law library. But we have also grown, discovered new friendships and/or relationships, and progressed towards fulfilling our purpose within our chosen legal professions,” Charles said.
“We are of various backgrounds, Being Trinidadian, I have met and become close friends with fellow law students originally for places such as the Philippines, South Korea, Mexico, El Salvador, Haiti, Peru, Puerto Rico and Poland. We are Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Democrats, and Republicans. We have vast cultural differences and represent diverse ethnic and economic groups, yet we are forever bonded by this experience.” 
Speaking for her classmates, Charles thanked faculty and staff members who helped along the way, smoothing out the rockier aspects of a law school education.  
“We will tell stories of a community that encourages each other, a community that fosters exceptional academic and professional relationships.  Catholic is more than an esteemed institution. It is a family, a constant supporting community of individuals that invest in the success of our future,” she said.
Graduating students were reminded of some remarkable events during their time at the Columbus School of Law, including an incredibly rare 5.8 earthquake during their 1L year, various major snowstorms that brought classes to a standstill, and even the NASA Space Shuttle Discovery flying over the National Basilica in broad daylight.
“Yet everything seemed to point to our ability to overcome and strive towards greatness. It was a foretelling of our great potential,” Charles summed up. “The skills we have gained at Catholic have made us a force to be reckoned with. Today it is time to step into your greatness, accomplish greater things.”
Remarks were also offered by Josephine Vowel, president of the Student Bar Association, Dean and Knights of Columbus Professor of Law Daniel R. Attridge, and Naka Rigaud, graduation committee chair, who introduced the student speaker.