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First Year Student-Faculty Luncheon Draws Strong Attendance


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In what genre of literature is the Hugo Awarded?

Which two former presidents have been disbarred or had their bar licenses suspended for a period of time

Fun trivia questions like these sparked conversation between strangers and competition between tables at the First Year Student-Faculty Luncheon, held in the law school’s atrium on Feb. 28.
The annual luncheon provides an opportunity for first year students to take a breather from classwork and get to know their fellow students better in a relaxed social setting, as well as members of the faculty and staff of the Columbus School of Law.
The low-key event also offers students the chance to discuss how their first year is going and to share any concerns or questions they may have with law school administrators.
“You are the reason all of us are here,” law school Dean Daniel Attridge reminded the students during his welcome remarks. Attridge also urged the students to make time for socializing despite the demands of the 1L year.
“Some of the people in this atrium will be your lifelong friends,” said the dean.
To prepare for the trivia competition, each table of eight or so people was urged to come up with a name, the judged winner being “12 Angry Men and Women.” Other table names included such contenders as the Blazing Solicitors and Dean Niedzielko and the Drama Queens.
Professor Sarah Duggin, who is an ordained Episcopal priest, offered the opening benediction. Maura DeMouy, assistant dean for student and external affairs, deftly emceed the trivia contest with humor and high energy.
(Answers to the questions above are science fiction; and Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton.)