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Commencement Ceremony is Home-Delivered for 4E Student

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After battling cancer for several years, Brandon Crisp, the very first graduate of the Columbus School of Law's Class of 2014, passed away on Feb. 5.

Before his ultimely death he was able to achieve one of the great goals of his life, the earning of a law degree. Crisp's courage, persistance and fortitude paid off as he completed the requirements of CUA Law's J.D. program in December 2013, and was presented with his diploma the following month. 

The evening student's precarious health always made his attendance at the 2014 commencement ceremony in May questionable, so law school faculty, staff, and administration came together to make sure Crisp’s fairly earned degree was awarded to him in time.
On the morning of January 10, law school Dean Daniel Attridge (above right) and Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Maura Demouy traveled to Crisp’s home in Manassas, VA, to personally present his diploma.
“Brandon’s story is one that will inspire the CUA Law community for generations to come,” said the dean. “He is a model that we can all point to – of phenomenal dedication, tremendous courage, and amazing persistence in achieving the goal of a CUA Law degree.”
The law school’s faculty voted in December to give expedited approval to a recommendation that the J.D. degree be awarded to Crisp. The University’s Academic Senate quickly followed suit. Catholic University’s President John Garvey approved that recommendation, clearing away the final hurdle.
Dean Attridge thanked his colleagues for going the extra mile to fast-track the presentation of the diploma. They include Assistant Dean Georgia Niedzielko, Assistant Dean Maura DeMouy, Registrar Stuart Schept, Crisp’s professors, university Provost Dr. James Brennan, and the Chair of the Academic Senate, Fr. Bob Kaslyn.
“On behalf of Brandon and the whole law school community, thanks for the special consideration you gave to this one very special student,” said Dean Attridge. “We are very proud of Brandon’s remarkable achievement and proud to welcome him as our newest alumnus.”