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Columbus School of Law Ranked 10th Placing 2013 Grads
in Government and Public Interest Jobs



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A report published April 21 by the National Law Journal finds that Catholic University’s law school was among the nation’s leaders in the percentage of its 2013 graduates who were working—nine months after graduation—in either government jobs, such as prosecutors, or in public interest jobs, such as public defenders or non-profit attorneys.
It’s article, “Which Law Schools Are Tops for Jobs”, rests upon just released information from The American Bar Association.
The report’s introduction states:
“Here, we look at which law schools placed the highest percentage of new graduates in full-time, long term jobs that require bar passage but were not funded by the schools themselves. We also highlight schools that placed the most graduates in large firm jobs, federal and state clerkships, and government and public interest jobs. On the other end of the spectrum, we've determined which law schools had the highest rate of unemployment, the most graduates in school-funded jobs, and the most graduates who were "underemployed"—either without jobs or in part-time, temporary, or nonprofessional jobs.”