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Dean Daniel F. Attridge, Soojin Kim, Class of 2014, and
Professor Sarah Duggin, director of the Law and Public Policy Program

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Certified Ready, Willing and Able


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Fifty-four students from the Class of 2014 enjoyed a commencement-within-a-commencement ceremony of their own on May 22 as they were awarded certificates and well-earned kudos from professors for their enhanced level of subject expertise.

The Institutes and Special Programs Certificate Presentation Ceremony, held as always a day in advance of the general law school commencement, invited graduates of the law school’s five certificate-issuing Institutes, as well as their families and loved ones, to bask in their achievement.

“In earning their certificates, our graduates from these programs are especially well equipped to meet the demands of the modern legal marketplace,” said law school Dean Daniel Attridge.

The Columbus School of Law’s certificate programs— the Law and Public Policy Program, the Institute for Communications Law Studies, the Comparative and International Law Program, the Securities Law Program and the Program of Studies in Jurisprudence— require successful completion of intensive course concentrations that stamp their students as highly qualified to practice within their chosen area of interest.

After the dean’s welcome remarks, the director of each program spoke in turn of their pride in this year’s graduates and their contributions.

"There is not a person in this program who has turned away from the world and its problems. You have heart. We need your dedication and commitment. We need you,” said Professor Sarah Duggin, who is concluding seven years as the director of the Law and Public Policy Program.

Duggin spent a few minutes summarizing the projects her students created this year, that tackled such issues as nutrition, the educational achievement gap, home internet access and other matters of public policy.  Her fellow directors spoke of their students’ civic engagement, superb externships, and mastery of their subjects.

"Your children are fantastic, motivated, and ready to go out and restore our securities markets to their former glory,” said Professor David Lipton, director of the Securities Law Program, speaking directly to the parents in attendance who supported their children’s desire to become lawyers at no little cost.

Collectively, CUA Law’s Institutes and Special Programs have an outstanding record of placing graduates into jobs quickly. Like most years, in 2014 some students have already accepted offers, other are deep in interviews or negotiations, still others are running diligent searches.

Their professors have pledged to stand by their side and provide every available resource until each graduate has found a job.  Professor Rett Ludwikowski, director of the Institute for Comparative and International Law, counseled the departing certificate graduates to be patient.

“You have to be able to appreciate what you’ve accomplished and be able to utilize it. Your diplomatic career may not start on Monday, but it will start,” he said.

2014 Certificate Graduates 

Institute for Communications Law Studies
Shelley A. Bard
Michael Kenneth Beirne
Patricia Catherine Cave
David Michael Crawford
Brian Indovina
Nicholas Charalambos Kokkinos
Alison Nemeth
Meaghan K. Pedati
Stephanie Burgess Power
Jonathan James Quigley 
Master of Laws with concentration
in Communications Law
Seth Logan Williams
Comparative and International Law Institute
Michael Carlton Brown
Thomas A. Bryan Ramón
Sanchelle Sonya Charles
Gypsy Avery Meghan Elizabeth Clement
Michael Scott Corbin
Mollie Elizabeth Gelburd
Alexander William Kalim
Jenna Marie Kohnke
Lawrence W. Maliszewski
Dacia R. Nagar
Mary Rose Patterson
Jessica Joana Retka
Naianka M. Rigaud
Anahita Sami
Michael John Schnibben
Elmer Martin Uribe Francia
Holly Noelle Vandegrift
Kenneth Ray Watson, Jr.

Master of Laws with concentration
in Comparative and International Law

Phyllis A. Djaisi
Sun Duck Lee

Program of Studies in Jurisprudence
Lawrence Daniel Bidwell
Megan Catherine Emmer
Eric Faik Turkman

Law and Public Policy Program
Jacquisha Racquel Cardwell
Elizabeth Ann Donovan
Michael John-Richard Flynn
Brian Indovina
Soojin Kim
Jessica Vesselinovitch Kleinman
Michelle W. Lease
David Andrew Porras
Clark Lusby Taylor
Evan J. van Regenmorter


Securities Law Program
Christopher Ryan Bellacicco
Andrew Cochran Burr
Brian Joseph Farnkoff
Andrew D. Getsinger
Michael John Goswell Jr.
Trevor C. Hehn
Angel R. Hernandez
Katherine L. Maher
Abiemwense Onaghise
Matthew R. Stummer