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Upper Class Students Share Tips on Gaining Experience in Criminal Prosecution


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Start early, be careful what you discuss around the workplace, and always strive to do your best. Those were among the nuggets of advice offered by third-year Catholic University law school students Alexandra Marshall and Kevin Jordan to an audience of mostly 1Ls on Nov. 11th. 

Both Marshall and Jordan have externship experience with the Montgomery County State’s Attorney Office in Rockville. Md. They were pleased to share some tips and suggestions about what they took away from their criminal prosecution experience with their attentive fellow students.  
Marshall acknowledged that “it’s pretty exciting stuff to get thrown into the mix” of a real courtroom prosecution, and urged her listeners to prep themselves for the experience by taking advantage of the law school’s clinical offerings, such as the Criminal Prosecution Clinic.
Jordan reminded the group keep their emotions under tight control before a judge, and not react overtly to every procedural ruling. He also warned against discussing the specifics of a case in public settings such as an elevator or lunchroom, where such comments may be overheard by people who shouldn’t hear them.
Doing the best, most professional job they can do in a criminal prosecution externship not only benefits the individual student, who starts to establish a reputation, but it also reflects upon the Columbus School of Law, said Jordan.
“You’re identified as a Catholic University law student. It’s about the reputation of the school. Do a good job. There are people coming after you who depend on it,” he said.