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Prolific Faculty Scholarship Draws Significant Online Attention


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The faculty of the Columbus School of Law may not rank among the largest in size in the nation, but it is demonstrably one of the most productive and influential. 

In early April 2014, the law school launched a new online platform, “Scholarship at CUA Law,” that offered for the first time a comprehensive compendium of articles and other examples of scholarship from CUA Law professors in an easily accessible, searchable format.
Five short months later, approximately 4,400 articles are available through the site and visitors have downloaded such works more than 100,000 times.
The number of articles published by current members of the faculty in the last five years is approximately 125 and in the last 10 years is approximately 227.      
The number of books authored or co-authored by current members of our faculty in the last five years is approximately 30 and in the last 10 years is approximately 50. 
CUA Law professors also contribute to casebooks that are standard in law schools nationwide, including the single best selling casebook in all of American legal education for at least the last 30 years, “Foundation Press’ Cases and Materials on Torts,” co-authored by Catholic University law Professor Kathryn Kelly.
Beyond numerical measurements, faculty work also regularly appears in many of the country’s leading law journals. Since 2013, for example, CUA Law professors have published articles in: Harvard Journal on Legislation, University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law, Vanderbilt Law Review, Virginia Law Review Online, American Journal of International Law, American Journal of Legal History, American Criminal Law Review, George Mason Law Review, Fordham Law Review, and Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy.
“The Columbus School of Law has always had a focus on producing new knowledge and new understanding about the law,” said Professor Marin Scordato, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Research. “The quality and the quantity of scholarship regularly produced by our faculty, the breadth of research and insight displayed in that work, and the impressive list of journals and reviews in which it is published all speak to a faculty deeply engaged in both the most timely and the most timeless issues confronting the law and our legal systems.”
The thousands of law review articles, books and book chapters, monographs, and other examples of scholarly production from the Columbus School of Law’s faculty have recently been assembled into one document, the result of an intensive effort by the staff of the law school’s Kathryn J. DuFour Library.
“A Bibliography of Faculty Scholarship,” (August 2014) incorporates the substantial body of work collectively authored by 43 current fulltime professors, plus another 12 who carry emeritus status or fall into a non-fulltime category.
The 131-page document annotates publications going back as far as 1959 and underscores the faculty’s’ scholarly interest in widely diverse areas of the law.
The bibliography will continually be updated as the law school’s faculty continues to produce scholarship. In addition, to the comprehensive bibliography, the library’s staff also compiled a similar report covering scholarship produced in 2013.