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Professor Marshall Breger Comments on Power of Prayer in Middle East Conflict


Catholic University law school Professor Marshall Breger was featured in a report aired by the Catholic News Service on Aug. 19 that examined the impact of the visit by Pope Francis to Israel, Jordan, and the West Bank in late May. 

During his three day trip, the pontiff made several symbolic gestures on behalf of peace on the strife-torn Middle East, including an invitation to warring parties to pray with him.
“I think this was a tremendous idea. No one thinks of the value of prayer, the power of prayer,” said Breger.
The report, titled “A role for the church in Gaza,” focused on the pope's promotion of prayer as one tool toward the solution of intractable international problems.

“I think it's a very appropriate thing for the pope to do. His trip to Israel was generally considered a great success, when he came out for Palestinian self-rule and a Palestinian state he did so respectfully, recognizing Jewish concerns,” said Breger.