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Professor Mark Rienzi Argues at the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals
on behalf of the Little Sisters of the Poor 


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The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments on Dec. 8 regarding a lawsuit from the Little Sisters of the Poor that challenges a portion of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. The arguments addressed the Obamacare abortion-inducing drug mandate “accommodation.”
Under the arrangement, employers who claim religious objections to the abortion-inducing drug mandate must notify the Department of Health and Human Services of their objection, which then initiates the process of providing the mandated coverage to employees in conjunction with their plan.
The Little Sisters of the Poor maintain that complying with the accommodation would violate the very faith that motivates them to serve. The nuns say the mandate goes against their Catholic beliefs in providing insurance that includes birth control.
Catholic University Professor Mark Rienzi has represented the case for the nuns pro bono in his capacity as senior counsel for The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty.
Rienzi spoke to Fox 31 in Denver after making his arguments before the Court, saying, “The government can put a man on the moon and mail in my mailbox every day. They can certainly get contraceptives to people who they want to get them to without the intercession of Catholic nuns.”
The Court’s ruling may come within a few months.