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Left to right: Professor Elizabeth Winston, co-director of the M.L.S. program; Lina Woo, Georgia Niedzelko, assistant dean for Academic Affairs, Stephanie Begansky, Daniel Woodard, Maura DeMouy, assistant dean for Student Support, Daniel F. Attridge, dean of the Columbus School of Law, Danny Navarro, and Professor Megan La Belle, co-director of the M.L.S. program. Robert Murphy (inset below) is also an M.L.S. student this year.  


New Master of Legal Studies Students Welcomed to Law School


Five new students at the Columbus School of Law, the first ever enrolled in the law school’s new Master of Legal Studies (MLS) program, met with Dean Daniel F. Attridge and other members of the faculty on Aug. 27 for an informal get-to-know-you session. 

The students are working professionals in the Washington, D.C., area who said they were drawn to the 26-credit program by the opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge of a particular legal field, and to better understand laws and regulations as they apply to their chosen profession. 
The gathering allowed the group to get to know one another, meet some of their new professors, and familiarize themselves with the building.
Catholic University’s M.L.S. degree is designed for part-time students and offers classes at times that accommodate the schedules of those who work full time.
Students can choose to concentrate in the fields of Compliance and Corporate Responsibility, Employment and Human Resources, or Intellectual Property. Alternatively, students may choose a General U.S. Law option, which provides a broad overview of the law and legal practice.
During the first semester, all students enrolled in the M.L.S. program take Introduction to American Law and Legal Methods. This introductory course designed exclusively for M.L.S. students provides an overview of the American legal system and teaches the process of legal analysis. All M.L.S. students will conclude their studies by working with a faculty member on a final project.