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Law School’s Career and Professional Development Director Quoted in U.S. News


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Jill Frost, who directs the Columbus School of Law’s Office of Career and Professional Development, was quoted in “Start a Career in Government With a Law Degree,” published by U.S. News and World Report on Dec. 1st.
The article offers a broad overview of careers in government service for law school graduates nationwide, and shares preparation tips for students interested in that career path.
Frost contributed a number of perspectives to the article, discussing common entry-level salaries offered by federal, state, and local government employers.
She also shared advice based upon her long experience with what employers want.
"[Law students] can make themselves a more attractive candidate by doing externships, participating in a clinic and taking relevant courses. At CUA, many of our students do externships with the government, often completing more than one. Not only does this show a student's commitment to public service, but provides them with invaluable work experience, helps them to build and establish their reputation within a government office, as well as obtain important references," Frost wrote.