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Law School Building is a Gem, According to New Ranking


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Catholic University’s law school community has long appreciated the beauty of its home, wrapped as it is around a glass-roofed four story atrium, featuring open and inviting spaces, high tech capabilities, a gorgeous library, and amenities such as an onsite cafeteria. 

Now others are taking notice. The Columbus School of Law has been ranked #20 in “Best Law School Facilities,” the cover story of the fall, 2014 issue of preLaw magazine.
The law school’s Top 20 ranking lands it in the “A” group, alongside the facilities of such law schools as Yale, Notre Dame, Stanford, and Cornell.
PreLaw conducted a comprehensive survey of the nation’s 200-plus law schools to identify the very best facilities. It relied upon numerous sources, including staff visits and The Princeton Review’s 2014 edition of “The Best 169 Law Schools,” to narrow the pool down to the top 60 based primarily on student satisfaction.
Researchers then took things a step further, gathering objective data from these schools on square footage of their buildings (libraries included), library hours and the number of seats in their libraries.
The magazine also wanted to know about access to dining and exercise facilities for students, as well as the availability of lockers and study carrels.
The article stated,
“We didn’t stop there. We assessed aesthetics as well. Just how eye-catching is the school? Is it a place that wows? When it comes to law schools, arguably, looks do matter. Having a comfortable, striking campus adds to the educational experience. At some, one can feel in awe.” 
"When our building was opened in 1994, it raised the architectural bar for law schools in the United States," commented CUA Law Dean Daniel F. Attridge. "Today our law school building remains one of the best in the country, and we are very proud of the advantages our facilities offer to students in enhancing their educational experience."
The facilities ranking is not the only mention of the Columbus School of Law in the current issue of preLaw magazine, which reaches undergraduates nationwide. In a separate article, “Which Law Schools Best Prepare Students for Firm Work?” the law school is ranked #15 based upon responses from alumni to an annual mid-level associates survey conducted by The American Lawyer